Ferrybridge Multifuel 1

Multifuel Energy Ltd. (MEL) is operates a new £300 million multifuel plant on land owned by SSE at Ferrybridge ‘C’ Power Station near Knottingley in West Yorkshire. This project is called Ferrybridge Multifuel 1 (FM1).

FM1 has an installed capacity of 68MW and is able to generate low carbon electricity using a range of fuel sources, including waste-derived fuels from various sources of municipal solid waste, commercial and industrial waste and waste wood.  The plant takes fuels from across Yorkshire and the wider region.

FM1 works in a similar manner to the existing coal fired power station on the site. Fuel is burned under controlled conditions to raise high temperature steam which is then used to generate electricity. Some of the steam will be used for heating purposes within the multifuel plant itself.

 FM1 is consented to treat up to 675,000 tonnes of waste derived fuels each year. On average the plant’s throughput is expected to be 570,000 tonnes per annum.

The main contractor for the construction of FM1 was Hitachi Zosen Inova. Further information on HZI can be found at their website HERE

Construction of FM1 began in October 2012, and the plant became fully commercially operational on 31 July 2015.

For the latest updates on the progress of the construction project, please see the news pages of this website